Professional Rust Removal

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It may sometimes seem like rust and battery acid stains are impossible to remove, but we’re here to help lift those rust stains out today.  Elephant Roof & Exterior Cleaning are North Carolina’s top rust removal specialists.  Our trained professionals can tackle the toughest stains and use only the best stain removal products like Front 9’s premier rust removal cleanser.

Elephant Roof & Exterior Cleaning is an authorized rust removal Front9 dealer.

 Professional Rust Removal Service

Common Stains Can Cause Big Problems!

Stain removal is a difficult process.  Improper cleaning chemicals can damage sensitive surface areas; and even worse they almost always never remove the stain.  Removing a rust stain or battery acid stain should bring your surface area back to life, not make it worse to look at.

Elephant Roof & Exterior Cleaning not only removes your stain, but restores the surface area during the process

Some common surface areas that can be easily damaged and stained:

You Found a Stain WHERE?

Stains can pop up in the strangest places.  Sometimes, it’s clear that the old metal gate has rust stains and orange rust all over.  Other times it takes moving pool furniture around to find hidden concrete stains.  Here is a list of some places that we’ve removed stains for clients all over North Carolina.

  • Stains on stones
  • Hidden concrete stains
  • Patio furniture stains
  • Battery acid stains in driveway & garage
  • Rust stains on roof shingles
  • Hidden rust stains under vinyl siding
  • Rust buildup underneath rubber coating

Trained & Authorized Rust Removal Specialists

Front 9 rust remover, stain remover, battery acid removerElephant Roof & Exterior Cleaning is an authorized Front 9 service & dealer.  Front 9 is the leading cleaning solution for the most difficult stain removals.  All of our rust removal specialists are highly trained in Front 9 stain removal techniques.  You can feel safe knowing you’re receiving a premium rust removal service with only the top products used on your home.


Never a Worry With Our FREE Rust Removal Estimates

The most stubborn stains can be lifted with the right process.  Whether you’re dealing with orange battery acidirrigation rustfertilizer rust, or some other troublesome stain – we can get rid of it fast.

Call us today for an estimate for your rust stains – 919-207-0666.  Our rust removal estimates are free and we always put the customer first.  We serve Raleigh, North Carolina and the surrounding areas.

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