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Gutter Cleaning in Raleigh NC – Leaf Terminator

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Leaf Terminator | Elephant Roof and Exterior Cleaning

Guaranteed for the life of your home! Transferable to the new owners if you sell your home! The Leaf Terminator is the perfect solution for keeping leaves and other debris out of your gutters. Keep the water flowing off your roof, through the gutters, down the down spouts away from your house!

No more clogged gutters with the Leaf Terminator!

  • Gutter covers are made from .032 virgin H-14-3105 Aluminum
  • Available in 6 standard colors and 20 oz. genuine copper
  • Available in 30 Kynar® colors by special order
  • Low profile adds to your home’s curb appeal
  • Fas-Connect™ fastening system
  • Manufactured in 5 foot sections
  • Designed and tested to keep leaves, twigs and other debris out of your gutters

The Leaf Terminator has been independently tested and withstood winds of 110 mph (category 4 hurricane winds) with no lift or movement. 1200 lbs per square foot with a 100% recovery from deflection Handled 22” of rain per hour on a standard residential roof. That’s 44 feet of rain on 1 day!

Leaf Solution by Leaf Terminator | Elephant Roof and Exterior Cleaning

The Solution™ is a versatile gutter guard protection system that was designed to work with either new or existing residential gutters. Its unique, patented design allows water to go exactly where it is supposed to go – into your gutters, while keeping the leaves and debris out of the gutters. Manufactured of high quality aluminum on world-class roll forming machines, The Solution™ helps stop gutter overflows that could damage your landscaping, walls, foundation and basement and at the same time, actually adding strength to your gutter system. Available in a variety of colors to add curb appeal to your home,

The Solution™ is a quality Gutter Guard protection at an affordable price.

Gutter Cleaning – Helps prevent Fascia Wood Rot & More

Cleaning of the rain gutters and downspouts is an important part of annual maintenance. Our programs allow the entire gutter system to function and achieve its maximum life expectancy. Elephant Roof & Exterior Cleaning makes sure all loose debris is removed from both flat and sloped roof areas, all rain gutters are cleaned by hand and rinsed clean with water, and each downspout is flushed thoroughly and checked from ground level to assure proper flow. The gutters, siding and grounds are left clean and spotless.

Downspouts and gutters should be professionally cleaned about twice a year. Once in the spring just before the spring rains. Then again in the fall when leaves, limbs and other debris might cause problems. Some of these problems are Wood Rot, Cracked Foundations & insect infestation.

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